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Custom Built Computers

What is the difference between our custom computers and computers that people can buy off the shelf?

There are several key differences in the customs we build, including but not limited to, higher quality parts, better and larger amounts of RAM, solid state drives (SSD) instead of mechanical (HDD) drives, business to gaming graphics cards, and a personal, business, or gaming look to meet your needs and desires. We trim the fat in regard to not overloading our machines with unneeded or unwanted software that slows your machine down or simply takes up unwanted space. Our technicians build the customs to meet your criteria that is given, match it with the best recommended parts and then weave a digital masterpiece together to give you a machine that exceeds your expectations, all while doing it at as reasonable a cost as possible. We help in avoiding trap software and hardware that many times people request because a friend or colleague recommended it, it was read about on, or seen in a different computer builds at your local stores. We do the research needed to make sure the custom PC does what it needs to do for you.



Our Mission is to built a high quality computer around your needs. Keeping the price at an affordable price. Giving great service. 

What are you looking for?

Great home computer, business computer, Gaming computer for you or your family? Whatever you need we are here to help make your exercise amazing. 

Working on a Computer
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